August 2016

08/10/16 Maybe

Smoke rolled off of my tongue
I felt the complexities of anything and everything knocking desperately on the walls of my being
I was breaking into the newly discovered hatches held under layers of existences
With all the help of my sullen thoughts,
love was to thank

Maybe I’d leave

The friction that my mind bares with blurry instances is held captive beside my skeptic realizations
He reached over and clutched my thigh
Inside his grasp I felt suddenly painless

Maybe I’d stay



08/03/16 Muse

I lingered back in fear of her seeing the true gunmetal encompassed between the towering walls within my shallow mind
She drew circles around me but I could not sense the direction in which I was supposed to be heading
I knew that this time I couldn’t allow her to lure me into the obscure whispers she heard every night from outside her windows
I came to the conclusion that her sanity was as far fetched as another life-bearing vessel within the smooth, empty waters that flooded my brain
The wavering riptides swallow me whole every time I find myself stirring at the surface of something contemporary
She leaves me wondering, drawing me in as I try so desperately to hang back until I can plant my feet
She leaves me awake at night to confront my own neglected stances while she nevertheless strings me like a marionette
She is my fuel behind a biddable fire, the cause of my cicatrix, and the cure


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