July 2016


You weren’t meant to go there
But you did
You weren’t meant to leave her there,
But you weren’t meant to have her at all

The circles you sent her in
The spirals, she fell hopelessly a victim to
You weren’t meant to break her,
But you did

You took her and you let her go
Now she wanders hopelessly
Shackled to her thoughts and utter resistances,
A prisoner of herself

You weren’t meant to have her,
But you did


07/21/16 etc.

They aren’t who they say they are
Everything you’ve struggled to become,
The great metamorphosis of your being–
They can take it all away, and they will

They don’t want what you are
They want their ideas of what you can be
Your luminance and your sweet, sensible heart
Their sullen minds and their corrosive words–
They’ll obliterate your innocence
and the peace that inhabits you

Only if you let them


You cut deep into me

You left me somewhere between flying and falling

And the drop, it was never ending and the shortest fall all at once

You made me feel as if I were drifting back and forth between time and space

You flooded my thoughts like there were no boundaries between the past and now

It was real and imaginary all in one

And the way you made my thoughts dance…

07/19/16 etc.

She crashed into my mind like waves,

She left like the tide

I was the rocks that line the shore, hindering her strength as she slipped away

The pull of the sea is much greater than a grain of sand

She will toss and turn through many storms

But none will be as strong as the one she left in me

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